Minnesota NAPNAP Research Grant Guidelines

If you are interested in applying for up to $2000.00 of research grant money through MN NAPNAP to support your research project, please review the following guidelines and follow this application procedure.


The National NAPNAP Organization recognizes the importance of nursing research. In following the National Organization stance, the Minnesota Chapter of NAPNAP views research as the cornerstone of reinforcing and enhancing standards of practice. NAPNAP supports research efforts, which contribute the quality of life for children and their families. By awarding research grant/funding, NAPNAP encourages research by pediatric nurse practitioners to enhance practice and disseminate knowledge.


The following areas are considered priorities in research:

  • Impact of the nurse practitioner role in healthcare delivery
  • Development/implementation of innovative methods for delivery of health care services in the following areas: school health, community health, behavior and development, adolescent health, chronic disease management
  • Health care practice problems and issues
  • Exploratory/evaluative research of PNP education and credentialing
  • Educational programs and materials for health care providers and or children and families

Application Procedure

Members of Minnesota NAPNAP and Minnesota PNP students (Masters, DNP, or PhD candidates) wishing to apply for funds should describe their proposed project using the following outline:

  • Title
  • Purpose of the project
    • Problem statement
    • Summary of relevant literature
    • Anticipated benefits
    • Innovative aspects
  • Method
    • Design
    • Sampling procedures
    • Data analysis
    • Protection of human subjects
    • Schedule of completion of project
    • Attachments
      • Questionnaires
      • Any data gathering research tools
      • Copy of IRB approval or pending approval if appropriate
  • Anticipated Expenses
  • Ways in which you plan to disseminate the results of your research to MN NAPNAP Members (e.g., conference presentations, newsletter publications, etc.)

The description of the project should be typed, double-spaced and should not exceed five pages. Email a copy of the project proposal and one copy of the applicant’s professional resume tomnnapnap@gmail.com.

Application packets must be received by April 1st to be considered for the current funding year. Proposals will be reviewed once per year. Applicants will be notified at or following the spring Minnesota NAPNAP conference.

Awarding of Funds

$2000.00 will be awarded each year based on available funding. Grant requests may be in increments of $250 to $2000 and will be awarded by merit as measured by previously outlined criteria. Funds will be awarded once a copy of the IRB approval has been submitted to the MN NAPNAP at mnnapnap@gmail.com. Any unused research funds will be returned to the research grant fund account and be made available for award the following calendar year. Experienced as well as first time researchers are encouraged to apply for funding.


Grant recipients must agree the following conditions:

  • Funds are to be used solely on project submitted
  • Submit final report to the MN NAPNAP Research Committee Chair upon completion of the project
  • Acknowledgement of MN NAPNAP for financial support for the project in publications and presentations
  • Provide formal presentation of research and findings at one of the Minnesota NAPNAP semi-annual meetings
  • Submit an abstract of your research to the Communications Chairperson for the upcoming MN NAPNAP newsletter.

These guidelines are based on research foundation guidelines for National NAPNAP with adjustments to meet the needs of the MN NAPNAP.